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Title:A Muslim sues Marriott International Inc., for discrimination


Publication:Al-Manassah Al-Arabeyah

Original Language:Arabic

Translator:Amir Jalal




Body:A communiqué from the Council of American-Islamic Relations, received by Al-Manassah Al Arabeyah, reports that a Muslim employee living in the state of Virginia is suing Marriott International Inc., a hotel company, for acts of racial and religious discrimination.

In his suit, the young Muslim demands financial and moral compensation for an unfriendly work atmosphere his colleagues and supervisors imposed on him during his time at the company. The Muslim employee started as a cook at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel (which is owned by Marriott International) in Washington, D.C., in March 2002. His colleagues soon began to insult him in front of the managers, calling him a suicide terrorist and constantly asking him whether he had attended classes at some flight school like the other terrorists.

The employee brought the claim to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a government committee in charge of monitoring acts of racial or religious discrimination at the workplace. The committee approved the claim, as did the Council of American-Islamic Relations, declaring that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel failed to set the suitable work atmosphere required by the law. The employee is asking for $700,000 for compensation.

It is relevant to mention that Marriott International Inc., is one of the biggest international hotel companies, active in more than 60 countries around the world.

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