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Story:It's 8a.m. here on that bright Tuesday morning. I look after my grandkids while my daughter works: one was 12, the other 4. They're both yapping away like kids do. I had stayed overnight, so I'm just on my first cup of coffee and not really awake yet.
My daughter suddenly says "Shhh!". Next thing I know she's heading for the living room, to watch TV. Shortly thereafter she comes back to the kitchen where I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee, still in a fog, and tells me a plane has crashed into the world trade center. I'm like "No way!" She goes back to the TV, and again comes back: "Another plane has crashed into the other tower at the world trade center.
Dear God in heaven, what is going on?! Then, a plane has crashed into the Pentagon, and another in a field in Pennsylvania? Now I'm awake, and I'm closely watching developments on TV. My daughter goes to work, and I send my granddaughter out to play, but my mind is on all the people who were trapped in those towers.
I've never been in the army, but the school I had attended as a kid had made us march and stand like soldiers. At 11 am
I'm on my feet in front of the TV, at ease, military style,
my head bowed. And like so many others, nothing is getting done, because this has more priority than anything else.
It's two years since that hellish day, and whenever a plane flies overhead here, as they've been doing for years,
I look up, and watch it carefully. Will it happen here?
Terrorists can strike anywhere. They'd have no problem with causing a distraction, while pulling off something big elsewhere.
I watched the multifaith conference that was held in
memorium after, and grieved along with those whose lives
were so cruelly disrupted.
My heart is still with them

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