September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I was home sick from work that day, and decided to read a book, I had the t.v. on mute. I glanced up and realized that something spectacular was going on in New York. I rushed to awaken my husband and have him come watch with me. When we made it back into the living room we witnessed flight # 175 strike the 2nd tower. That was the moment I realized I was not only witnessing history, but I was also witnessing an attack on my country. I had a rush of feelings come over me all at once, and it was too much...I ended up getting physically sick, and crying for what felt like months. I recall, sitting silently day and night glued to the television and radio, trying to understand why? To this day I still don't. I don't think I ever will either. Nor will anyone else. I don't think it's possible to understand the reprehensible acts of that day. All we can do is try to move on....But always remember!

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