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Title:Word on the Street: What is the most important thing that the new education chancellor, Joel Klein, should do to improve the edu


Publication:El Diario / La Prensa

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Body:He should give those of us who take bilingual classes the same opportunities as those who take basic English, so that we can all take computer classes, said Jennifer Mendez, 17, a student from Brooklyn.

Create more after-school activities. Improve math and English classes. Fix the schools that are oldthere are many that don't have air conditioning, said Desire Mojica, 33, receptionist in Manhattan.

Pay teachers more as an incentive to motivate them to teach better. Hire more teachers so that classes sizes can be smaller, said Thomas Amaro, 23, who is unemployed in the Bronx.

Rearrange the classrooms so that there are fewer students; sometimes they dont have enough places to sit and need to search for chairs, said Nelson Mercedes, 35, waiter from Upper Manhattan.

Sit down and count how many students and teachers there are and arrange for enough space. And adapt buildings to create more classrooms, said Rodolfo Quebleen, a business owner in Queens.

Develop a reading program and more initiatives with mathematics. Create physical education classes so that the boys have something to focus on besides bad things, said Natalia Rosales, 40, a homemaker in Manhattan.

Take notice of miscellaneous expenses. Find better textbooks, said Denis Martinez, 23, who manages a New York Sports Club and lives in Manhattan.

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