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Title:Agencies will move against those who fraudulently obtained Social Security cards

Author:Mohsin Zaheer

Publication:Sada-e-Pakistan NY

Original Language:Urdu

Translator:Rehan Ansari




Body:According to a report published by the Social Security Administration (SSA) Inspector General James G. Huse, Jr.s office, one out of every 12 foreign-born people in the United States has a false Social Security number. Authorities are worried that with Social Security numbers, potential attackers can open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, and get jobs at sensitive installations.

Since September 11th, federal authorities, including the FBI, have been arresting people who fraudulently obtained Social Security cards. The Inspector General said that three years ago, he recommended the government check non-citizens immigration records before issuing them Social Security numbers. He also said the first step of an attacker is to obtain a Social Security number.

At 16 airports, 367 immigrants have been arrested; 140 pleaded guilty. 98 have been deported and 28 are awaiting deportation.

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