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Story:Morgan C. Mahoney
ENG 111 Honors
Sept. 12, 2003

I always thought it was weird how a person could bring up a major event in American history and anyone within hearing distance would say ?I?ll never forget where I was/what I was doing when that happened.? . I never understood until 9-11-01. I was asleep when my older sister ran into my room and said that the planes had crashed into the towers in NYC. Between her hurried words and still being half asleep I didn?t understand what she was saying but I new it was serious so I jumped out of bed. It was on every channel on TV and the media kept showing the images over and over. That whole day was a blur- the news just kept getting worse and worse. I still hate the media for showing people jumping out of the towers- I think it was sick and disgusting to show so little compassion to those people.
Imagine being in that situation and having someone film it- it?s nauseating. What if by some random chance a family member recognized them, or later on found out that someone they had seen was a loved one that they had lost? Even though I?m an American, from growing up overseas I was never very patriotic. The fourth of July was just twelve days before my birthday- unless we were on vacation in the US it wasn?t a huge deal. I?ve seen so much in my short life that I can understand how other countries saw 9-11 in a much different light as Americans. Look at everything that is happening in Ireland, Tibet, Palestine- there are so many countries that face bombings, shootings, and other violent acts on a daily basis. American never thought something like that could happen over here.

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