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Story:I was sitting in a carpark waiting to collect my wife for lunch(Ireland is 5 hours ahead of New York) The radio station I was listening to was interupted the radioshow with a newsflash saying there were unconfirmed reports a plane had hit one of the towers.

I'm 30 and had visited WTC for the first time when I was 13 - I loved WTC, as a kid I was mesmorized by the buildings - the plaza, the vast lobbies and the lifts... I was amazed the lifts could move at 25mph(I was a kid and easily fascinated by stuff like that!!!, I remember the view from the top - I though you could see forever.

As I sat in the car that Tuesday when I heard the news I knew something horrible was going to unfold. I lost my appetite for lunch and we decided to go home to watch events unfold on CNN. We got home just in time to witness the horrific image of the first tower coming down. I immediately though of the elevator operator who told us the speed the elevators travel at... to this day I wonder did he make it... so many people lost, so many people's lives wasted... My wife and I sat for hours glued to the tv not believing what was happened to a city we love very much.

Just to let the citizens of New York know that over here in Ireland, we were all horrifed and shocked by 9/11, maybe we feel more affected because so many Irish people have immigrated to New York.

To the families of everybody who lost somebody on 9/11 your in my prayers....

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