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Story: On that I was watching tv. matter of fact the Today show was on and all of sudeden they showed this horrible scene. I'll be honest I didn't think it was real. But through the day I would obviously change that idea. I just couldn't and still can't believe all those people died. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends, and coworkers. I felt so disgust at that, that I wrote something in the local paper. I just couldn't believe that the world would come to this. I kinow that it has been a little over two years since that horrible day. Some people have resume their lives and some will livwe with this for the rest of their lives. They had something ripped from them. I think we all did, even if some of us didn't lose a love one. I personally didn't lose alove one but I did lose that security that I always felt here. I'm not saying that the whole world needs to go out and hold hands and sing "come together" but I do think that if we just stop thinking about how we can get revenge. The world doesn't have to be a cartoon, What about all that stuff when Sept.11 happened afterwards we all came together,we need to do that always. I will always have every person who died in my prayers. Let's change are attitudes and look in ourselves and know that we can't change in a day but we can change. If we are all willing to do so. Thank you and God Bless Everyone.

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