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Story:I remember it being sometime in the early hours of the morning, because i remember my mother coming into my room and trying to wake me up, but i must have been out cold. Then i got up to go to school that morning to find my family all watching the tv. My mum just turned to me and said "trade towers.....gone" i was just like ....what??
and then i watched all the coverage on the television, and remember being shocked and feeling as if i was still dreaming. My mum was crying and i started crying, even though i dont know any of the people who were victims i was still so shocked and disturbed by what happened. I went to school and it was strange. It was very quiet, everyone was just distraught. All we did was watch the coverage of what had happened. We had 2 minutes silence some time during the day and it was just so strange because knew what to say to eachother. Almost everyone was crying and we planned to hold a service. I was asked to write a song. So i went home and wrote a song about new york and these poor people who fell victim to these unbelievable attacks.
Here is what i wrote:

an axis of the world brought to its bloody knees
as bodies rain down,
the streets of new york city.
A man on a highjacked plane rang his wife and said:
"honey in case i dont see you again, i love you....i love you".
The choking air, a man stumbles away,
an officer helps the wounded,
theres terror in their faces,
theres terror in their eyes.....

the streets are full of crying,
the people are like ghosts
as fear grips this city under siege.

balls of fire
the cities up in smoke,
the world unites on these evil acts of carnage
10,000 men and women dead
as the jets hit the world trade centre.
the world stops to reflect-
on this lack-
lack of humanity...
and we all ask

the streets are full of crying
the poeple are like ghosts
as fear grips this city under siege.
The streets are full of crying
the people are like ghosts
as fear grips this city under siege.

by lauren smith -copyright.


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