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Story:Well, when it all happened I was a Senior at Union Pines High School in Moore County. I remember haveing a strange feeling that morning and not wanting to go to school but as any other parent would have done, my mother sent me any ways. It is kind of funny because the class I had first period was U.S. History. I remember our Princible comeing over the entercome and tell all teachers with T.V.s to turn them on to the news, and others to go to the media center. He didn't say why though and I remember thinking that was very weird! So when the teacher turned on the news it was just in time for us to see the second plain crash! I don't think It realy sunk in at first about how terible this was. I had been in the school choir for three years, and the year befor all this happend my school had been selected to sing in the national youth choir there at N.Y. We stayed at the Mariot Hotel right there at the Twin Towers. Of course as your know, it burned up. We had to change classes and as I was going to second period all of this was going through my mind! Then we found out about the Pentagon and the other plain crash. I was so scard that Fort Bragg was next because I only live about 20-30 min.from there. As all of this was going on people were crying, hugging, and calling family. My sister-in-law had just had a baby and where home alone. My mom called the school to talk to me and make sure I was O.K. and then had me released from school so I could go and make sure my sister-in-law was O.K. I didn't loose anyone but I do want to send my love and support to all those who did!!! And I just want to let you know "What goes around, comes around!" They WILL get what they deserve!!!! But don't let hate keep you from living your life how you want. They can't take that from us! P.S. I just want to thank my mother for being a wounderfull person. She makes home made lolly pops and my choir sold them and raised 300 dollars which we sent it all to N.Y. to help the familys who had lost someone. She did a great thing and its people like her who make america a great place to live!!!!!

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