September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I remember that day, because when the 1st plane hit, I new in my heart this wasn't an accident. My husband and I stared at the screen and I kept saying, "This is trouble, big trouble".
Then the 2nd plane hit and everyone knew what I knew in my heart. A few days earlier, on our way to Bangor. I sat on the passenger side passing a vehicle. I looked over and
seen the license plate "IRAN" and looked at the person driving. He had dark skinned, dark eyes and hair. He was handsome, but gave me a case of "severe creeps". I told my husband, "What is he doing here in Bangor Maine driving around with a license plate that says IRAN?????" We looked at each other as
we passed and I could not wait to get away from him. His face disappeared from my memory.... My husband told me to calm down, I just didn't like this person. Anyway, we went on our business for that day, September 8th.!!!
We later found out that the hyjackers came through Bangor Maine on the way to Portland Maine. I have been bothered with this since that day. I wish I would have felt more or could have done something.....I have panic attacks that cause me to see flashes of light. I was not there and did not lose anyone in the attack. But I feel so terrible for everyone that lost a loved one. God be with us all....

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