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Title:Widespread approval for canonization of indigenous Mexican Juan Diego

Author:José Llanes


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Body:Yesterday, thousands of Mexicans in the Big Apple celebrated the canonization of the indigenous Juan Diego by the Pope in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

Mexicans in New York watched the ceremony on various TV channels. They gathered to watch in front of electronics store windows, restaurants and community associations. With my heart filled with joy and delight, I proclaim Juan Diego a saint, said Pope Jean Paul II at about 12:30 p.m.

His words are not likely to be forgotten by the many Mexicans devoted to their faith. I had never seen a sanctification before, but Im happy it was the one of Juan Diego, said Prudencio Albear, a waiter at La Luna restaurant in Manhattan, as he hurried through the noon crowd.

The long awaited sanctification of Juan Diego, also known as the eagle that speaks chosen by the virgin of Guadalupe, took place in Mexico, a country made up of 53 ethnic groups, the majority of which are Mayan. These groups make up10 percent of the countrys population. The Pope has called Latin America the greatest reserve of Catholics in the world.

What happened today in Mexico seems marvelous to me. Actually I dont know how many saints Mexico had before but none of them were indigenous people, said an emotional Moramay Guzmán, originally from Puebla, who sat with her three children at the community organization Asociación Tepeyac.
The Mexican Marisol Carreto, for her part, said that even though the canonization of Juan Diego has been polemic, its fair because he was the one chosen by the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The tremendous canonization of the indigenous Juan Diego, carried out by a weakened and sickly Pope, also made a big impression on Mexican children.

Iván Hernández is a seven-year-old Mexican boy with golden brown skin and a friendly expression. He is eager to talk about Juan Diego. Asked about what he would wish for from the new saint, he said, I would ask Juan Diego to help me find my family when Im lost.

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