September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I wass driving to my job. Like I had done every morning listening to the radio. When I was just about there the report came on that a plane had hit the world trade center. At first I thought it was a joke. I had heard of little planes brushing the world trade center so I figured that must have been what happened. The more the reports came in thats when I realized that this was no joke and no small plane. As I sat at work that day I was almost numb. It didnt feel like I was living a reality but rather a dream. The office closed early that day. When I arrived home and turned on the TV my reality hit me again and again. The questions that ran through my mind were how do I explain to my children what had happened and how do I convince them they are safe when at this point I dont feel very safe myself? Here I am 2 years later realizing nobody is always safe I am feeling for those small children who have lost the ones so dear to them. Thankful every day for my children and proud of the relationship I have with them and will never take that for granted.

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