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Dear X,
     We have shared preliminary language with about 6 of the alders we think
might be most supportive.  We have not heard their feedback yet.
     Thus we likely will not have text available for your press packet
     However, the Policy Committee has agreed on two titles, and if we get
the go-ahead from alders, those MIGHT be ready for the press packet.
There's a small chance we could have those titles submitted formally to the
council tonight (though I doubt it).  I'm going to try to talk to an alder
or two tonight before the Common Council meeting.  I'll get back to you with
what I find out.
     The deadline for having an alder submit to the Common Council office a
complete, finalized text of a resolution for us is 11/14 (next Wednesday).
This means the resolution could be introduced and debated on 11/20, I
understand.  We will be working with alders to try to meet that 11/14

XXX-XXXX (day)
XXX-XXXX (evening)

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