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Email Text:This is a delicate issue, dropping bombs and food bags.  The majority felt
we needed to rely on delivery via land and eliminate the possibility of
dropping food bags where land mines are located.  Stats thrown out were: 80% of refugees are women and children; 26% of Afghan children die before the age of 6; 5.4 million refugees are on the move right now, not in their
villages, not in the refugee camps yet; 1.5 million refugees in Iran; 3.5
million in Pakistan).  Please check out the sites and learn more. (Refugees International, president Ken Bacon; this is an important organization with insight and history on the refugee crisis
worldwide, but especially that of the Afghan people at this time) (Doctors Without Borders, Nicolas de Torrente; again, people
from the frontlines who know what the refugees need and who can see where the US efforts to help the refugees is working and not working) (Eleanor Smeal, this organization has been trying to get
the word out on the Afghan womens' plight for years...lots of valuable
information, very passionate about her work)

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