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hi all,

A few thoughts to pass on (after having talked to X)...

First, it doesn't seem to me as though it's worthwhile trying to continue
with a two-pronged approach.  We're having enough trouble getting the
"weaker" resolution introduced - let's focus our efforts on that.

Second, it seems as though we might alienate the progressive caucus by
pushing to have the resolution voted on at the Nov 20 city council meeting.
(Leading me to think we need a FOURTH party, but that's a rant for another

However, I'm thinking it might be effective to follow up on a suggestion
from X, that we have (a few thoughtfully chosen) people go to the
city council meeting on Nov 20 and demand they address the situation.  That
will set the stage and demonstrate a real people's mandate for the
resolution to be introduced and voted on at the next council meeting on Dec

X's going to get this included on the agenda of the general MAPC
meeting tomorrow night (6:30, Memorial Union, TITU).  I suggest we use our
time at the general meeting to:
    * summarize our efforts, especially the reluctance/ resistance of the
progressive caucus to introduce the resolution
    * propose that we organize a small, well-chosen delegation of
individuals to demand the city council address the impending humanitarian
crisis at the 11/20 council meeting
    * push and fight like hell to have the resolution introduced, voted on,
and ADOPTED at the Dec 4 council meeting
    * get feedback from the larger MAPC group on this plan, along with
thoughts on who we should recruit for the Nov 20 delegation (I'm thinking
community, religious, campus, business leaders).

Whad'y'all think?

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concept, all our sacrifices throughout the years of the struggle will be in
vain. And not one of us will allow this to occur."
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