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Story:I arrived at work to find our store t.v. on. I had been listening to my CD player in my car, and was unaware that anything had happened. I sat down and my jaw dropped to the floor. My first instinct was to call my family that lived in Potomac, MD. Just to make sure no one was traveling near the Pentagon that morning. Luckily no one was travelling that day.
Our family business is wholesale novelty, carnival and party supplies. We could not believe the amount of phone calls we received for patriotic merchandise since September 11. We have always carried American Flags and other items, but the response to show patriotism was overwhelming, here in St. Louis. We supplied the Baseball Cardinals with 50,000 American Flags that were given out at an evening game. Subsequently, other teams called our store asking for flags as well. Unfortunately we were out of stock and frantically looking for vendors who had them in stock!
Ever since that time, our store has kept a patriotic section out all year long. It's just our way of showing our support and a reminder of what a great country we have and how strong our Nation still is!

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