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I vote for booking WilMar...  did we set the time at the last
meeting?  If not I think 6:30 would be good because people have
been accustomed to that time.

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>Hi folks - Here's the update on the GM 10/30.  All places have
a separate
>room for childcare.  All are accessible by bus, as far as I
can tell.
>Wilmar 257-4576:  $30 per hour for two rooms.  Available all
>Holds plenty of people. $25 key deposit.
>Atwood neighborhood ctr, 241-1574: $1 per person suggested.
Holds 99
>people.  Avail. Tues after 7:30, Mondays after 7, Weds after
8:30. $25 key
>Neighborhood House, Mills/Park, 255-5337:  Upstairs room only
holds 70 - 80
>people.  Gym is taken til 2002.  Said we should come see it.
>Friends Mtg House, off Monroe St, 256-2249:  Left message.
Said "downstairs
>might work".  Need more info.
>Luke House, 310 S. Ingersoll, 256-6325:  Dinner in space til
7:30.  Holds 72
>people at tables.  Parking limited (no lot).  They want a pamphlet
to find
>out more about us.  Told us to visit.  Ask for X.  Free.
>It appears Wilmar is the only place available before 7:30, and
one of the
>few with enough space for the 100 - 140 people I've counted
at the last
>meetings.  While it will probably cost $90 or so, I would suggest
this space
>for Oct. 30 and we can find a different, free space in the future
if people
>agree to meet later in the evening AND less people start showing
>Shall I book Wilmar, or do people have other ideas?
>Peace, X

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