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Ok, so the news right now (1:24 Saturday morning): 100-200 troops went in
on a combat mission. Two soldiers were killed, several injured, supposedly
in a helicopter accident. (I don't think I believe that part about being a
helicopter crash)
I don't think we will see ever an invasion proper of Afghanistan. That
doesn't mean that "special forces" or death squads - however you wish to
call them, are not a dangerous escalation of the conflict. I mean, we all
know about "smart" bombs and how really smart they are and I hold the same
opinion about "special forces" - how in the world will they know whom to
kill down there? I don't doubt that civilians will die in these missions.
Now, when we originally discussed what was an emergency that required our
action, we were not very clear on what it could be because of the
unpredictability of the conflict. The fact that we are discussing whether
this is such an emergency does not mean that it is not a true emergency -
it just shows how difficult it is to prepare for what the US military is
going to do next.
I myself feel pretty burnt out by all the meetings we've had and I would
rather not spend my Saturday afternoon in the cold, getting even further
behind in my readings for classes, but continuity of action in response to
escalation of the conflict is necessary.  We need to be in the news every
time the US military escalates this war if for nothing else than at least
to show that there are people who do not believe in this war.
This doesn't interfere with our other activities - they should all go ahead
as planned.
The only other suggestion I had is that if we are planning a picket line
instead, we might want to consider an earlier time, before the market
closes, just to get a few more people. But rally is still my first choice,
just for the media exposure of our reaction to the recent developments.
Also, most people that reacted to the news yesterday were ready for a rally
at 5:00 p.m.
We need to make a decision before noon today.
Please respond with your vote by then.


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