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Hi Everyone,
A couple of things:
    I made buttons for the fast.  Pick yours up at St. Paul's anytime, and
wear it during the fast, especially on your fast day(s).
    We will be having a vigil/rally on Wednesday at 12:30.  This will be our
best chance to gather everyone who's fasting throughout the week and get
visibility for what we're doing.  Everyone please come!
    For other events, we will have speakers at 5:30 on Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday.  There will be a prayer service for peace and for the
fast on Tuesday at 12:05.  (Daily mass is at 12:05 on M, W, Th, Friday.)
    Finally, the "Break-Fast" potluck has been tentatively moved to 7 pm on
Saturday, which will enable us to hold it at St. Paul's and enable any
participants to come to the potluck without breaking Ramadan, which starts
that day.  This also gives people time during the day to go to the Peace
Parade that MAPC is doing starting at noon at the MATC Truax campus.  Please
let me know whether you can come to the potluck if it's at 7:00 on Saturday
(the 17th).
    For those looking for advice on successful fasting, try, although it's tailored
to a longer fast. For a one day fast there aren't so many health concerns.
That's all for the moment.

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