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Hi Everyone,

   The progressive caucus thought they would be ready to act on something
AFTER Thanksgiving.  Apparently changing "prayers" to "sympathies" was very
divisive last time, so they needed a breather.

   I still haven't gotten the in-depth feedback on this--Thursday night I
should.  X has been appointed to do this for me.

   X suggested we intro the whole text as a "communication" (no
alder's name attached).  That could be done BEFORE Thanksgiving.

   My first step though will be to call X, to make sure I am
acting on her excellent strategy advice.

   I'd like the Policy Committee's input on something though.  How far do we
pursue the two-pronged approach?  What I'm hearing from the progressive
alders is that they don't want something too "divisive" (presumably to their
own caucus?), which means they want to back the weakest thing we've
presented them with.  If we are going to introduce one final text "as a
communication" I definitely need the Policy Committee's OK on what that
final text should be.

   OK, I'll get back to you when I know more.

   Sorry about all the e-mail.


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