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Story:My brother died of colon cancer September 9th after a 4 year battle. We were coming back from breakfast to get ready for his funeral on September 11th when his friend told us about the 1st plane hitting the World Trade Center. We are from Greenville, SC and just were staying a t a motel so ran to our room (we were in the parking lot) just in time to see the 2nd plane hit.
Even though we were still numb from my brother's death, my mom, aunt, his friends and I could still not believe we were watching the news and not our own "War of the Worlds". This was real! Not some "made for TV movie", and it was happening on OUR soil. THIS could NOT be happening to US. We were use to hearing and seeing footage on the news of scenes like these from the Middle East, but from the United States, not since Pearl Harbor, and then, not to this extent.
The people who lost their lives and loved ones in these tragic events will forever be remembered. It is a day that we must never allow to be forgotten. It would not only dishonor them, but also dishonor the men and women who serve our country past, present, and future, to protect us and the freedoms, we so often take for granted; the freedoms of which these terrorists are afraid.

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