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sorry for the 'inkling of love and respect' trumpeting.  it was self righteous and written in a moment of nervousness.  i do not put myself in the same bracket as you, because i wasn't in n.y.u and haven't had to personally pick up the pieces and give endless support in any which way i can.  again, i apologise.  the mail i sent you was never directed to the people of america but to the political magnate that began in the nixon era and has somehow found it's way back.   i wonder who in the world really remembers the 6+ thousand lives lost on sept 11 other than the new yorkers who lived it and are still living it?  our attention has been turned to 'the war against terrorism' and people (myself included) forget because nobody understands why we are really there in afganistan?  the question still remains who and why did sept 11?  it's probably a question you've asked yourself hundreds of times, but will there ever be justice for the people of n.y.u and and the lives lost in iraq for the past 10 years and the lives that are going now in afganistan?   what is really going on?  that's all.  i will no longer disturb you, i hope all is well and goes well with you.  


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