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Hello all,

Look on the bright side - now we know where Kohl stands on the bill

Seriously, I think it's important to give our Congressional delegation
feedback on how they DID vote, as well as how we'd LIKE them to vote on
future bills. So, I think calls to Kohl's office expressing our
disappointment are totally in order, especially given all the info against
S.1510 we presented to his office Tues morning. And we should thank Feingold
for his lonely dissent (apparently they've been getting lots of negative

Speaking of Feingold, I finally (FINALLY!) just heard back from his office
regarding setting up a meeting. It's set for Mon, Oct 22 at 10 am in his
Middleton office. They took a while in getting back to me b/c they were
trying to coordinate schedules with the relevant DC aides - so, we'll be
meeting in person with local staff, and simultaneously with DC staff by

I'd like to suggest we meet before the next general MAPC meeting - say 5:45
Tues 10/16 in the Memorial Union, in the same room where the 6:30 general
MAPC meeting will be. If that room is occupied, let's meet in the good old
Paul Bunyan room. How does that sound?

A few suggestions:
    We should draft a Congressional action alert for the larger group, with
talking points (including info on past votes of our reps and pending
legislation) and set a day for people to call (it makes a bigger impact on
offices that way). We can discuss what to include Tues night.
    Although there's a lot we should continue to do on the Congressional
level, I think it'd be good to come up with a plan for getting our city
council to pass a sense resolution for peace, in protection of civil
liberties, etc. We'd need to check to see if anything's been passed since
Sept 11, figure out who on the Council to approach, talk with them about
what's the best angle to take. Once we decide how to proceed, we can draw up
a petition in support of the resolution.

hasta la victoria siempre,

> Senate passed S1510--the USA Act--yesterday 96-1 vote.  Wisconsin Senator
> Russ Feingold was the only dissenting voice...
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