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Hi Everyone,
    This week is an important time to recruit more participants for the
Friendship Fast.  To that end, posters have been printed up and will be
available at the UW Greens Infoshop in University Square.  Please stop by
there and pick up a few to put up in your classrooms, on campus, downtown,
work, wherever you can think of.
    If you are willing and able to help out for a couple of hours, we will
meeting this Thursday and Friday at 5 PM at the Union to go out postering
chalking.  More importantly, we're going to be tabling in the dorms at lunch
and/or dinner time this Thursday and/or Friday, depending on how many people
we have.  Please let me know right now when you are available, and if you'd
rather table or poster, so I can figure out if we have enough people.
Thanks a lot!

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