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>Subject: notes for Feingold mtg.
>Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 23:31:59 +0000
>Dear Committee,
>     I found a few items you might want to keep in mind for meeting
>     First, the Friends' Service National Legislation site alerted me to
>this impending legislation from Senator Helms.  Let's ask Feingold to
>oppose it.
>     Here's the same site's recommendations on talking to legislators about
>upcoming military spending authorization, though it doesn't give bill
>numbers.  Seems like handy background.
>     Also, let's give Feingold a big thanks for his lone opposition to
>"Patriot Act" S.1510.  Here's the ACLU's summary of that:
>     Now here are a few more thoughts.  Please bear with me, since I am new
>negotiating that site (?address I think).  I found out
>from that that Feingold co-introduced S.1564, a bill relating to US
>adherence to the ABM Treaty.  It's now in the Committee on Armed Services.
>I haven't read the bill.  Let's do that since it's  lead by Feinstein, who
>can be hawkish.
>     A truly excellent resolution S.172 has been introduced into the Senate
>by Sen. Wellstone.  This is a sense resolution relating to humanitarian aid
>to the Afghanis.  Let's ask Feingold to back it.  I couldn't tell if he has
>or not.  It's in the Committee on Foreign Relations now.  Wellstone
>submitted a speech about it in the Congressional Record of 10/18.
>     There's also a S.173 resolution condemning violence against
>Iranian-Americans.  Presumably this won't be controversial, since they've
>already done the same with Arab-Americans and Sikh-Americans.
>     This may be outside the realm of our group, but S.1473 federalizes
>airport security (if the House will pass something similar).  I'm not sure
>how Feingold voted on this.  Personally, I think it's unacceptable for a
>legislator NOT to vote for this.  Certainly is a more direct response to
>the problem than starting a war!
>     Hope this helps.  Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday.

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