September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:It flew across the morning sky
like a dark angel from hell,
then it plunged into the first tower
like a voo doo pin casting it's spell;

The second one came shortly after
flying much lower than the norm,
then it struck the second tower
like a bolt of lightning in a storm;

The explosions were horrendous
like the bombings during war.
The terrorist brought forth pure destruction
hitting us down to the core.

Debris showered down to the pavement
causing onlookers to flee, and then...
an unthinkable thing happened,
it literally began raining men;

They jumped to their deaths one by one
and in some cases two by two.
Thick smoke formed an impenetrable umbrella
blocking any attempt of a rescue;

Soon, like the song of London Bridge
the towers came falling down.
Now, everyday as I go to work
I avoid that part of town;

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