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List of Victim Representatives Making Claims April 22, 2002

Student Writing: September 11, 2001: Stories
[pdf document, Literacy Assistance Center, New York, Fall, 2002] When the Literacy Assistance Center invited students in ESOL programs throughout New York City to submit the writing they had done about…

The author argues that the post September 11th war on terrorism is providing the United States a new rationale for doling out military assistance.

[pdf document, Cate Jenkins, EPA Hazardous Waste Identification Division, December 3, 2001] A memorandum to Robert Dellinger, Director of EPA Hazardous Waste Identification Division. Reviews the recent history of EPA efforts on the WTC site to date,…

Ann Clwyd presents British Labour Party perspectives into U.S. policy toward Afghanistan, the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, detention of enemy combatants, and related issues.

"SAALT, a national non-profit organization dedicated to fostering leadership and civic engagement among South Asian Americans, produced this exhaustive report documenting press coverage of bias incidents and violent hate crimes that occurred in the…

More than 600 concerned citizens,
civic leaders and public officials
from throughout the metropolitan
region came together on February 7,
2002, for the first Listening to the City
forum. This modern town hall meeting
brought together…

[pdf document Cate Jenkins, EPA Hazardous Waste Identification Division, January 11, 2002] Topics include: asbestos in Manhattan compared to Libby Superfund site; why cleanup of WTC contamination is ineffective to date; advantages of cleanup under…

An analysis of the role of gender in the September 11 attacks, and a call for the United States to "pay particular attention to women when attempting to counteract terrorism and encourage more peaceful and democratic political systems in Afghanistan…

[pdf document, Paul J. Lioy, et al., 2002] This report was written by Paul J. Lioy and 19 other scientists from Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute of New Jersey, Rutgers University and several other universities and research…

Testimony before the New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Economic Development and the Assembly Standing Committee on Small Business

Testimony before the U. S. Senate, Committee on Foreign Relations, Subcommittee on Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus.

The author asks, "The intelligence community could not connect the dots, was the lack of political appointees on the job a reason why?"

The author -- an analyst with the Arms Trade Resource Center -- argues that President Bush's military budget increase and the war time "unity" on Capitol Hill have created an environment in which weapons makers can enjoy the best of both worlds--…

[pdf document, Cate Jenkins, EPA Hazardous Waste Identification Division, June 9, 2002] Recommendations for testing and treating carpets for asbestos.

The author asks,"Some radical Muslims dislike Americans -- we all know this -- but why?"

[pdf document, Robert J. Martin, 2002] Memo from Robert J. Martin, National Ombudsman to to EPA Region II Administrator Jane M. Kenny on March 27, 2002. This report charges that the EPA had "abandoned its responsibilities for cleaning up…

Speakers: Vamik D. Vulkan, Charles R. Strozier
Location: The Lighthouse
111 East 59 Street, New York, NY
Introduction: Ronnie Greenberg, MSW

The author explores what is driving hate and violence from the Middle East to the United States.

This Carnegie Endowment for International Peace report explores immigration issues in the wake of 9/11. The author argues, "to combat terrorism, the United States must strengthen the weak links in its immigration system. This effort should…
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