Title: Sue Frederick's Story: BBC News
Author: Sue Frederick
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Annotation: She was in World Trade Center Tower 1 when the plane hit. She began to evacuate through a maze of stairways and down 77 flights. When she reached the 3rd floor, the second tower collapsed and her way was blocked. She goes on to explain how she made out through the rubble and debris. This BBC online website also has links to the details of the four hijackings, a short synopsis of the World Trade Center disaster, photographs of the disasters, a list of the Twin Towers' tenants, and a timeline of events.
Excerpt: I truly never expected to add "survival of a terrorist attack" to my resume. The mayor was correct when he talked about the toughness of New Yorkers. It was amazing how calm, supportive and helpful everyone was throughout the day. Here's my personal account of the day.
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