Title: David Hsia's Story: BBC News
Author: David Hsia
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Annotation: He was in his store on the Concourse level when the first tower was hit. After evacuating his store, he left. He ran when the second plane hit and watched as Tower 2 fell. He describes the scene as he walked uptown through the city. This BBC online website also has links to the details of the four hijackings, a short synopsis of the World Trade Center disaster, photographs of the disasters, a list of the Twin Towers tenants, and a timeline of events.
Excerpt: I was in the concourse level when the first plane struck. In my store all I heard was this 'whush' sound, a couple of clanks, and then this mass of people running from right to left in such a panic. I ran out of my store, heard people yelling 'BOMB!' and immediately ran back in my store, told everyone to get out, and ran myself.
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