Title: Mike Shillaker's Story: BBC News
Author: Mike Shillaker
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Annotation: He and a colleague were visiting from the UK and were headed toward a meeting on floor 72 of the World Trade Center Tower 2 when the first plane hit. They decided to evacuate even though they were told that the incident was isolated in Tower 1. After the second plane hit, they continued out of the building and ran as soon as they got out. This BBC online website also has links to the details of the four hijackings, a short synopsis of the World Trade Center disaster, photographs of the disasters, a list of the Twin Towers tenants, and a timeline of events.
Excerpt: We were on the 72nd floor of WCT2 when the first plane hit tower 1. We heard the bang, and saw debris, and thank god, the client that I and my colleague were visiting had the sense to realise what was going on and told us to get out of the building. We were not so "street wise".
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