Title: Richard Wajda's Story: BBC News
Author: Richard Wajda
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Annotation: He was on his way to the World Financial Center when the first plane hit and debris fell out of the World Trade Center, hitting him on the head. Hysterical, he phoned his office and his mother and decided to run away from the area. He fell and was trampled during his escape, and after six hours he made it home again. This BBC online website also has links to the details of the four hijackings, a short synopsis of the World Trade Center disaster, photographs of the disasters, a list of the Twin Towers tenants, and a timeline of events.
Excerpt: If I had been on time I would have been killed. I normally get the baby by 7am, but with traffic I got him at 7:30. I got him to the baby sitter by 8am. I got on the train and arrived at the World Trade Center at 8:30.
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