Title: Twin Towers Crash.Net
Author: Pravi Caraballo
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Annotation: This is an attractive site dedicated to making peace in the aftermath of the WTC attacks. It is some what light on content but does offer a few stories, articles, photos, and links to 9/11 related sites.
Excerpt: It is our wish, that at this time of great disaster, and sorrow, American people can unite, to overcome the heartache and dispair that the tragedy of the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon have enstilled in our hearts and lives. Therefore, TwinTowersCrash.Net, an online magazine, was created to educate, inform and promote peace at these trying times. It is very important that prejudice is not accepted, as the many Arab Americans, are mourning with us and are not against us.
Type: organization
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, news, links, images