Title: The 11 September War on Terror Portal
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Annotation: This site was created to remind people why the war on terrorism is being waged. It includes an essay by one of its creators, Ken Anderson, on the importance of remembering the events of September 11th. The site has an extensive news archive with links to daily new articles that concerned the terrorist attacks. There is also a daily news roundup posted each morning. The site includes links to background on Al Qaeda, bin Laden, Bio/Chemical, Israel/Palestine, and the Taliban. There are also links to photographs and websites providing first hand accounts of the attacks. There are forums and links to other 911 memorial websites as well as patriotic music, relevant books, patriotic mugs, and relief organizations.
Excerpt: "I was at work when the two planes hit the Towers yesterday. My office, 2 World Financial Center, is/was on the 24th floor and faced the Towers from across West Street (the west side highway). I was at my desk when the first plane hit. We shook a bit in our seats but didn't know what happened...."
Type: organization
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, news, links, images