Title: Wikipedia: September 11, 2001
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Annotation: Wikipedia is a project to produce a complete online encyclopedia. There are articles about everything including current events. There are personal stories from people around the world describing where they were and how they reacted when they heard about the terror attacks on September 11. There are links to a list of missing persons and casualties, as well as memorial tributes. There are also links to charitable organizations, closings an cancellations, memorial services, governmental response, hijackers, world political effects, and world economic effects.
Excerpt: Try to be specific and personal. If everyone sticks to precisely what they know to have happened in their small slice of the world, then we can piece together some sort of image of the day. For this page, try to avoid discussing in generalities or about the scope of the world at large. Stick to your patch of grass for that day, or for those days, and try to help assemble a mosaic of time.
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