Title: - Day two.
Author: Andrew
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Annotation: This is a blog by a former NYU student living in Philadelphia. He includes a very interesting and graphic email by a NYU linguistics professor who was so close to the first explosion his window was hit by shrapnel.
Excerpt: I heard the boom, and it knocked over a lamp near my window. Schrapnel hit my window. I thought a plane had broken the sonic barrier and knocked the antenna off the roof. I looked over and saw the hole in the WTC and saw the flames. While we watched the burning building (some friends, students, faculty, etc. came by) the second plane hit. We did not see the plane and throught it was an explosion. The fire spread lower and lower through the WTC building, probably as the jet fuel ran out. Flames came out of every window in both buildings on all sides. The planes hit one building about 1/3 way from the top, the other about 1/4 way from the top. Descent for those above in the WTC was impossible since all floors near the impact were aflame.
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