Title: 9/11 Environmental Action Entry Page
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Annotation: Health and environmental issues stemming from the destruction of the WTC are advocated here. The 9/11 Environmental Action group is an environmental and health advocacy group urging for a better clean-up process and seeking to bring attention to the potential health crisis if the clean-up process is not thorough. Available here are public records, newspaper articles, photos, and much more. The site calls for increased citizen involvement in monitoring and addressing the health risks related to the collapse of the towers.
Excerpt:  On television screens the world over, people watched the Twin Towers disintegrate into a fine dust which spread for miles.  As the fires burned unabated, New York City residents began to realize that they and the many volunteers who had come to their aid had been exposed to an unprecedented mix of asbestos, fiberglass, lead, mercury, cadmium, dioxins, and hundreds of toxic substances that continue to endanger lives. School parents, residents, safety experts, environmentalists, labor unions, and religious and charitable organizations began to organize to protect themselves and each other, as it became all too obvious that government institutions were misleading or ignoring New Yorkers.     
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