Title: Wotton Children's Fund
Author: Andrea Ross-Green
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Annotation: This is a trubute site for Rod Wooton, killed on the 97th floor of the WTC. The site gives tribute to Rod Wooten and asks for donations for his children.
Excerpt: Rod Wotton, age 36, was devoted to his wife Pat, and his daughter Dorothea. He worked for Fiduciary Trust, on the 97th floor of the World Trade Center Tower 2. He was one of the people who were able to use his cell phone to call home that morning to say that he was trapped in the building. He asked his father-in-law, Brendan Greene, to take care of his family. His in-laws were visiting from Florida, in anticipation of the birth of Rod's son, Rodney Patrick Wotton, who was born on September 19th. Baby Rodney was confined to a neonatal unit for several weeks after his birth due to respiratory and circulatory problems that resulted from the trauma his Mom suffered the week before his birth. He is making great strides, but continues to face developmental challenges. Rod's memorial service and Baby Rodney's Baptism were held on October 27. Rod's remains were found in mid-January. His wedding ring was recovered in March.
Type: personal
Contains: memorial, audio