Title: Click2Disasters - September 11: America Attacked - Chapter 1 - Preface
Author: Carole D. Bos
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Annotation: A subsection in a larger site devoted to disasters,, this part details the 9/11 attacks. The site allowes browsers to navigate by topic (i.e Flight 93) and then takes them to a short hyperlinked synopsis of the topic. The text links lead out of the site to detailed explanations offered on other websites. Coherent, easily navigable, and well maintained this site is a good source of information for all things September Eleventh.
Excerpt: The idea of a center for world trade, to be located at the tip of Manhattan Island, began to seriously take shape when John F. Kennedy was America’s president. It was a time of dreams: to put a man on the moon; to achieve lasting world peace; to create a central place where worldwide commerce could be conducted.
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