Title: Internet9.11
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Annotation: This website provides examples and information on how the internet allowed people to come together online in response to the events of September 11th. The site is divided into four categories: connect, coordinate, console, and contribute. Connect lists the archives of several survival posting websites. Coordinate lists the websites that provided information about relief services including law enforcement agencies, government, online portals, relief centers, and airlines. Console has links to sites that provide information on how to cope with the traumatic events. Finally, contribute provides links to the archives of relief centers and e-commerce sites that collected funds for relief efforts after September 11th.
Excerpt: n the moments and days following the terrible tragedy in New York City, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, the Internet was put to its most important test to date. Billions of Internet packets buzzed through the Net as a shocked world tried at first to connect with loved ones and, later, to coordinate, contribute and console. "The Internet has once again proven itself a particular useful communication tool in times of emergency," said John S. Quarterman, chief technical officer of In every way, the Internet, like the citizens of the United States, has risen to meet this tragic challenge.
Type: organization
Contains: discussion, links