Title: Terrorism Unites America v.3.2 >>> online Time Capsule
Author: Anita Davis
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Annotation: This is an online time capsule where browsers may view documents from around the time of the attacks. These documents, stories, and images are put into the following categories: top stories, articles, donations, peprsons missing and found, air travel, counselling, tips to law enforcement, and great news sources compiled on the web. There are also a huge amount of links here.
Excerpt: Thank you for visiting. This is a time capsule of the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on 09.11.01. It remains for others to view as an historical document. Originally, it was housed at GeoCities as part of the CaribiaDigest Download Center, where I stored downloadable documents for my 'Zine.
Type: personal
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, discussion, links