Title: US 911 Network - Attack On America Hub
Author: Charles C. Caro
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Annotation: This website was created by Charles Caro, an internet businessman, to provide easy access to information on September 11th. The site is divided into fourteen sections, each of which contains links to other links or information. The divisions are background, coping, donations, employment, and feedback, link to US911, missing persons, news, prayers, publications, search engines, show pride, site map, and volunteers.
Excerpt: No words can adequately convey the impact events of September 11, 2001 have had on not only New Yorkers, Washintonians, and Americans but also all peaceful people in the world. Each of us in our own way must come to grips with what has happened in New York City and Washington, DC on one fateful morning in history that will be remembered across the ages.
Type: organization
Contains: stories, links