Title: 911 Tribute Memorial compiled by Steve Golding
Author: Steve Golding
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Annotation: This tribute site contains two emotional and harrowing flash movies plus an extremely gripping story by a man who worked in World Trade Center 1, and was a block from his building when the first plane hit. 30 of his friends and family died as he first watched people jump to their death and then the buildings fall.
Excerpt: There are images that I will never forget; the husband and wife holding hands as they jumped into oblivion, the other jumpers. The guy that was shimmying down the grid used by the window washing apparatus, we were all cheering him and then some debris hit him and he fell headfirst. He's one of the pictures, hands behind his back. I only hope whatever hit him knocked him out first. Those that jumped turning not to flesh and blood but grey-brown matter.
Type: personal
Contains: stories, memorial, images, audio