Title: Alliance for Life-Long Learning - Educational Resources
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Annotation: This website provides educational guides and resources for teaching September 11th. It is divided into general categories, professor’s picks, and special selections. The site is operated by the Alliance for Lifelong Learning, which is a cooperative effort of Oxford, Stanford, and Yale universities to provide opportunities for education for alumni of these institutions. The general categories include websites, online articles, and online texts. Professor John Lewis Gaddis’ selections are divided into articles on 9/11, on Homeland security, on Islam and the Middle East, on terrorism, and on the post cold war world. The special selections include the texts of lectures from both Stanford and Yale lecture series.
Excerpt: After September 11th, what course should the U.S. take? What principles should guide the country? What role can citizens play in shaping national policy? Five Stanford University scholars provide perspective on the national tragedy and explore scenarios for the future.
Type: organization
Contains: essays/reflections