Title: e x e g e s i s
Author: Angie
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Annotation: The author of this blog was a NYU student who was in Manahattan at the time of the attacks. Her story includes an eyewitness account of watching one of the towers fall. She includes many 9/11 links in her blog.
Excerpt: Yesterday morning at 9:05AM, I was walking to school when I saw a large group of people a block away from my class staring and pointing in the direction of the World Trade Center. I looked up and noticed some black smoke surrounding one of the twin towers. Hoping for the best, I assumed that it was a small fire and that it was already being taken care of. Then as I was waiting for the professor to arrive, a student runs in and announces that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. Being that it was a foreign language classroom, there was a stereo in there so we immediately tuned into a local news channel. That's when I learned of the second plane crashing into the other tower. That's when I knew it wasn't an accident and that people were out to kill other fellow human beings.
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