Title: Special Report on Possible Fraud Schemes - Solicitations of Donations for Victims of Terrorist Attacks
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Annotation: The U.S government issued this Special Report--Solicitations of Donations for Victims of Terrorist Attacks. The report cautions the public before giving money and makes clear the punishment for fradulently solicting charity. It also lists several charities checked and approved by the U.S government and how to contact them.
Excerpt: In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, consumer groups and members of the public have reported receiving unsolicited e-mail messages, which urge people to donate money to the Red Cross or to funds for victims of the attacks and their families. Some of these e-mails are being sent by people with a sincere desire to help, and contain accurate information. Others, however, have tried to persuade people to leave valuable personal or financial data, such as credit-card numbers, at Internet Websites that do not belong to legitimate charitable organizations.
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