Title: Around The World Page 1
Author: Jeanne and Trev Evans
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Annotation: This website is comprehensive in scope, using much information borrowed from other sites as well as information the creators gathered on their own. The site includes several pages of photographs from before the attacks on the World Trade Center during and after the attacks, and international tributes and memorial services. There are U.S. Embassy tributes pages, poems, and prayers, news clips, and information on the rescue dogs. There are a few survivor stories, patriotic graphics pages, a page dedicated to the celebrity telethon, and a personal tribute from the creators of the site, Jeanne and Trev Evans. Each page has an audio background, and the lyrics to each song are included on a separate page.
Excerpt: We have tried to bring you a cross section of all the tributes and sympathy these terrible events have created worldwide.
Type: personal
Contains: memorial, images