Title: World Trade Center & Pentagon Memorial
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Annotation: This website is supposed to be a memorial to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but it includes few tribute materials. It is much more useful in terms of its links and discussion boards, which include many threads discussing the World Trade Center memorial among other topics. Lists of the victims are included in the links to the airlines memorial, the Pentagon, The FDNY, NYPD, and the Port Authority Police. The links are divided into the categories of "Invest in America", "Work for the USA", "Report leads and clues", "Fly the American flag", and "Victims benefits and assistance", as well as "Current events", "Memorials", "Tributes", "Find people", "Contribute", and "Web campaigns". A few downloadable songs, poems, and photographs are also included.
Excerpt: Thousands of people died or were injured that day. These events were witnessed all over the world and will forever be embedded into our memories, as will the individuals who lost their lives that fearful day. The World Trade Center and Pentagon Memorial site remembers and honors those persons.
Type: organization
Contains: essays/reflections, discussion, memorial, links, images