Title: The New York City Fire Fighter, Police & EMS Memorial
Author: Mitch Mendler
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Annotation: Mitch Mendler, a paramedic and fire fighter from San Diego created this site as a memorial to the fire fighters, EMS, and police officers who lost their lives on September 11. The site includes a poem and thoughts on the loss and the famous photograph taken by Thomas Franklin. The site is most valuable for its links to music, flash movies, memorials and charities, and memorial tributes plus funeral information for the uniformed personnel who died after the terrorist attacks.
Excerpt: As an occupant passed the 27th floor on her way down, she met a group of "young, healthy, good looking, strong men on the way up." She and the other peolpe evacuating the building wished them good luck and praised them for their courage and bravery. Some of "those guys" helped victims down the stairs and others proceeded up to attempt to tackle the fire and save more people. When she was asked afterwards about "the fate" of "those guys," she said, "I can't imagine!"
Type: organization
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, memorial, links, images