Title: America Survives
Author: Peter Bowman
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Annotation: This site begins with a homepage that offers internal links to the different areas of the site including a section for publishing “thoughts, articles, stories, and personal accounts of the September 11 attacks. There are over 100 entries in this area. Next is a section where memorials to the victims can be contributed, but the tributes are not as complete as many of the other memorial websites. Many of the victims listed have several different messages posted to their record. There are eight message boards with unscreened content, and many of the postings have nothing to do with the headings of missing people, witness accounts, volunteers, prayers, U.S. response, investigation, terrorism, and a general forum. There is a small online poll concerning response to September 11, links to various news sites, as well as a chatroom. The site is run by Peter Bowman and Pam Boyd.
Excerpt: In dealing with the September 11, 2001 Attack on America and the ongoing pursuit of protecting our faiths and freedoms, we encourage all citizens and supporters of democracy to share their stories and ideas or respond to those that have given of themselves.
Type: organization
Contains: essays/reflections, memorial, links, images